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DJ and Jordan

June 1, 2019

Jordan Newsom

Jordan is the daughter of Donald and Dina Newsom. Currently, she is studying management at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and interns at Nelnet on the Corporate Recruiting team. Jordan enjoys sunshine, podcasts, food, and planners. She is most excited to get married so she can comfortably say the word “hubby” every day.

Donald Dodge

DJ is the son of Donnie & Jessica Dodge and Wendy & Bobby Curtis. He is going to Southeast Community College for a business administration degree while working full-time at Nelnet. The best thing about DJ is his passion for life: he is constantly looking for ways to try new things and live life to the fullest (outside of binge-watching Husker sports or movies). 

Our Story

Jordan and DJ met in high school gym class. After several years of pining, they finally ended up together in May 2015. Since then, they have shared adventures in Memorial Stadium, Colorado, and Hong Kong. DJ proposed in December 2016 at a family Christmas (it was the cutest thing ever – find the video on Facebook!). Together, Jordan and DJ like to go to Husker sporting events, talk about Hong Kong, and visit family.

Are Getting Married


Wedding Details

Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
7706 S 96th Street, LaVista NE 68128

7706 S 96th Street, LaVista NE 68128

Wedding Reception

Suzanne & Walter Scott Aquarium
3701 S 10th Street, Omaha NE 68107

7706 S 96th Street, LaVista NE 68128

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Donald ❤ Jordan

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